Peregrine Falcon 

I had this published during the pandemic - I took the picture just as the Government announced that we all had to start wearing a face mask in public . I had been looking for Dolphins at Scarborough but knew that there were some Peregrines there too, all the other photographers had gone home when I took this picture.

It was not long before the BBC picked up on the photo and sent a camera crew to do an interview on the local BBC Look North, from that I was contacted by a reporter who wrote a piece that got published in the National Press, The Star, Daily Mail, The Sun, Yorkshire Post as well as others, It has also sold right around the world, South Korea, USA, Australia and Thailand. 

It has also been used in a Science research paper in Canada 


Bridlington Whale 

This Fin Whale was washed up in 2023 and I photographed it being removed from the Beach in Bridlington it took 8 hours for them to remove it from the beach 

It was used by Sussex Express Online 

Minke Whale at Scarborough 

While staying at our favourite guest house The Kensington Guest House in Scarborough I persuaded Jason (the gally slave) to come on the Becca-Marie for a wildlife trip. Stuart the owner of the boat put us onto this lovely Minke Whale . although we get a good number of Minke Whales off the East and North Yorkshire coast its not often you will get one breaching and very rare you will get to photograph it.

This Photograph has been picked up by a reporter and been published in Scarborough News, Bridlington Free Press so far 

Country File Calendar 

I managed to get this picture of a soldier Beetle onto the back of the 2023 Country File Calendar to say how pleased I am to have this one in the calendar is a under statement and there are around 180,00 entry's 

I took this picture at North Cave Wetlands